Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Solidarity for world peace and interaction programme conducted

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 13, 2013

Dr. Krishna Aryal m Norway : 10th December, Oslo, On the occasion of the celebration of 5th anniversary of the Global Movement of Lumbini-Kapilvastu Day Movement, The National Committee of the movement of Norway organized a street show program about Buddha and Lumbini, Nepal as his Birthplace in front of the Nobel Peace Prize distribution building, Oslo city Hall. This is the day when the Nobel Peace Prize Distribution Ceremony held for 2013. This Nobel Peace Prize for this year has been awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
On the same day, an interaction and a documentary film show programs were also conducted under the coordination of Dr. Sudan Neupane in the Oslo University Auditorium Hall. EU adviser of the movement, Mr. Damodar Prasad Acharya, presented facts and findings about the birthplace of Buddha in this interaction program.
National Coordinator, Dr. Krishna Aryal, highlighted the importance of this movement for the correction of the misconception about the birthplace of Lord Buddha and proposed for joining the movement to enhance national pride. He also concluded the program by giving thanks to all organisations and individuals who actively participated and supported us to make the programs successful.

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