Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepalese presenter sets talk show world record

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 14, 2013

KATHMANDU : A Nepalese presenter has set the world record for the longest television talk show by staying on air for 62 hours and 12 minutes, organisers said Sunday.

Nepal-G1Rabi Lamichhane, a 36-year-old based in the US, returned to Kathmandu to  stage the “Lord Buddha Was Born in Nepal” programme, which took the Guinness  world record late Saturday night.

Our campaign was aimed to spread the message to the world that the Buddha  was born in Nepal,” said Anil Joshi, Chairman of News24, the television station  broadcasting the program told AFP, adding that the programme promoted tourism  destinations such as Mount Everest.

One hundred guests, ranging from former Maoist rebel leader Pushpa Kamal  Dahal, to the Indian ambassador to Nepal, to Nepalese television celebrities  and common people joined Lamichhane during the programme.

Lamichhane’s performance broke the record previously held by Pavlo Kuzheyev  and Tetiana Danylenko for a 52-hour broadcast to celebrate the twentieth  anniversary of Ukraine’s independence in 2011.

According to Guinness World Records rules, Lamichhane was allowed five  minutes every hour for a break.

Organizers said he ate some meals while interviewing guests, banked several  of the slots for a longer rest period and otherwise survived on energy drinks.

The show was recorded in the Nepali language with English subtitles from  the News24 studio in Kathmandu, and was live-streamed on the channel’s website  and several partner websites.– AFP

 @New Straits Times

One Response to “Nepalese presenter sets talk show world record”

  1. Congratulations to Rabi Lamichhane who broke the previous records of the longest marathon television talk show. He set the world record as world Guinness record. This is a prestige for Nepal and the Nepalese people. Fortunately, I was one of the invitees for the interview and I talked for more than half an hour.Thank you Rabi and News24 Television.

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