Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Please PROMOTE: “Buddha was born in Nepal” & “Mt. Everest is in Nepal”

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 19, 2012

by Prem Guragain

Anybody with basic education should know that “Lord Buddha” was born in Nepal and “Mount Everest is in Nepal”. (Nepal is a beautiful country which lies between India and China: Please check the world map which has a flag with “Moon” and “Sun”)

If you ask general public, “Do you know where was Buddha born ? ” and “Do you know where is Mount Everest ?”. The immediate answer will be : In India because that is what the books published by so called historians had been saying or the modern world leaders are promoting.

Please do little research and you will know that Nepal is PROUD country with so much Natural resources, beautiful mountains, rivers, green trees, temples, stupas etc.

I am proud to be a Nepali and would request all the concerned officials and world leaders to stop “False Information” to the world.

Once again, “Lord Buddha was born at Rupandehi, Lumbini, Nepal” and “Mount Everest is in Nepal.”

Please let everybody know about it.

Thanks a lot.

Petition link: Please click here for the petition


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