Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Indian Television Says : Nepal is Part of India

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 14, 2012

Indian media enjoys and feels proud to give wrong information time to time and can not keep other neighboring countries happy due to its poor diplomacy. This is one of the proofs (old clip):


One Response to “Indian Television Says : Nepal is Part of India”

  1. santosh thapa said

    Dear Mr. Shrestha ,
    I would like to draw ur attention on the matter which was raised by you by this video. First of all for ur kind information Channel ETC is not a news channel,it is an entertainment channel giving info about movies and their collection on box offices through out the world. The anchor who is Mr. Komal nahataji is well known person in bollywood film industry having a wide range of knowledge in all fields.
    Second thing that i want to say you specifically that in the indian cinema the entire india is divided into 14 Film Territory where nepal and bhutan is counted as a part of that Territory becoz hindi film do good business overe their. and that is why nahataji gave that statement which is used in normal course of business.

    Dear frend plz try to find out the fact , truth and evidences first before putting any allegation on any one. i m also nepali by caste but my father, fore father and their ancients are living here in india and i m not alone here .many of nepali population are earning their livelihood from this soil . For us this soil is everything and something like this meaningless issues raised by someone , hurt our sentiments.

    So i request you people to stop this pointless issues and better to take care of the happenings inside nepal.


    ur friend

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