Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

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नेपाली कागजमा छापिन्छ जापानी येन

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 30, 2012

लीलानाथ घिमिरे  काठमाडौं, वैशाख १८ – सरकारले नागरिकता समेत छाप्न छाडेको नेपाली कागजमा जापानी मुद्रा येन छापिन्छ भन्दा धेरैलाई पत्यार नलाग्न सक्छ । तर यो सत्य हो । जापानले आफ्नो मुद्रा (येन) नेपालमै उत्पादित अर्गेलीको समेत प्रयोग भएर बन्ने कागजमा छाप्ने गरेको छ ।

यस उदाहरणले नेपाली कागज भनेर चिनिने रेसाजन्य बनस्पतिको बोक्राबाट बनाइने कागज विदेशमा माग प्रष्ट्याउछ ।  जापानले अर्गेलीको बोक्रा लगेर उतै प्रशोधन गरी मुद्रा -येन) छाप्ने कागज बनाउने गरेको नेपाल हाते कागज संघका सदस्य बेनुदास श्रेष्ठले बताए ।

‘नेपालको अर्गेली गुणस्तरीय भएकाले जापानीले नोट छाप्ने कागज बनाउन प्रयोग गर्ने गरेका हुन्,’ उनले भने । उनी सिन्धुपाल्चोकमा जुगल नेपाली कागज उद्योग सञ्चालन गर्दै आएका छन् । Read the rest of this entry »

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2556th Buddha Jayanti celebration and promotion of Visit Lumbini year 2012 in Sydney

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 30, 2012

Buddha Jayanti, a sacred and special day for global Buddhist communities and followers of The Lord Buddha’s teachings and message of global peace and harmony. As The Buddha was born in Lumbini Nepal in 624 BC Buddha’s birthday is more special for all The Nepalese living all over the world. As People are celebrating 2556th Buddha Jayanti globally we are also going to show our respect and pay homage to The Lord Buddha organising a special event at Tempe Reserve Sydney on 6th of May in presence of hundreds of representatives from different communities and countries with many special programs all day. This time the celebration is going to be more special here in Sydney as it is going to be organised jointly by six well known Nepalese Buddhist communities in Ausralia and we will be together with hundreds of people in this foreign land supporting Nepal government’s very special campaign to promote Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini to the world ‘Visit Lumbini Year 2012’.


As our team is strongly committed to share Buddha’s teachings and messages of peace and harmony to different communities as well as our new generation which is growing up in this foreign land and to promote Buddha’s birthplace  we have planned different programs suitable for them. We will be showing our respect to those who have played very important role in promoting Buddha’s peace messages and his birthplace Lumbini Nepal. Read the rest of this entry »

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Vangelis – Himalaya

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 28, 2012

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लुम्बिनी-कपिलवस्तु दिवस अभियान इजरायल राष्ट्रिय समिति गठन

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 28, 2012

सन २०१२ सम्ममा भारतले नक्कली लुम्बिनी र कपिलवस्तु नै बनाउने कार्य सम्पन्न गर्ने किसिमले अगाडि बढ्दै अधिकांश प्राय: कार्य सम्पन्न गरेर बुद्ध जन्मस्थबारे खुलेयाम दिग्भ्रम सिर्जना गरिंदा पनि बुद्ध जन्मेकै देशका तर्फबाट भने आबाज उठेको नपाईएकोले सत्यका पर्यायबाची बुद्धको उनकै नाममा नै झुटको खेती गर्दै गरिएको यस किसिमको अपमानमा मौनता दर्शाउन नहुने ठहर गरी बिस्वभर छरिएर रहेका नेपालीहरुले इतिहासमा पहिलो पटक १ डिसेम्बर २००९ मा “कपिलवस्तु दिवस बिस्व दिवस” मनाएका थिए त्यस्को बिरोध स्वरुप । यस्लाई निरन्तरता दिने क्रममा २०१० को मै ११ र सेप्टेम्बर १६ गरी दुई चरणमा रामकुमार श्रेष्ठको बिस्व संयोजकत्वमा २१ सदस्यीय कपिलवस्तु दिवस अभियान बिस्व कार्य समिति गठनपस्चात स्पेन, बेल्जियमा, वेलायत, क्यानडा, न्यूजिल्याण्ड, ताईवान, डेनमार्क, नेपाल र अस्ट्रेलिया गरी नौ देशमा राष्ट्रिय समितिहरु गठन गरिए । Read the rest of this entry »

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Between two worlds in Nepal

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 26, 2012


FORMER police outpost now used as an archaeological office shows the aura of benevolent neglect seen in many places in Lumbini.

On my first night in Lumbini, I woke up before dawn to the measured, deep sound of bells from the Tibetan monastery down the road,  calling monks to early morning meditation.

Following soon after came the distant sound of a single drum, becoming louder as it approached my window, until I saw a solitary monk in yellow robes beating his flat, paddle-shaped drum in cadence with his measured steps.

I met a wandering monk on a previous trip here who told me his sect vowed to give up a permanent home in exchange of wandering the world on foot, beating their drums while walking in search of enlightenment.

Despite the sound of jackals piercing the early morning silence, the stillness of Lumbini makes some pilgrims feel that enlightenment could be within reach. However in the villages outside the shrine, the local community has different priorities as it struggles to survive from day to day. Read the rest of this entry »

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Republic Tower in Kirtipur

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 25, 2012

The government has, for now, decided to construct the Republic Tower (Ganatantra Stambha) on the Tribhuvan University premises in Kirtipur. The Ministry of Physical Planning and Works said Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai will lay the foundation for the historical tower at TU on Thursday. “Preparations for building the Republic Tower are complete,” said Tulasi Prasad Sitaula, secretary at the ministry.The government has, for now, decided to construct the Republic Tower (Ganatantra Stambha) on the Tribhuvan University premises in Kirtipur after changing its mind on the issue several times. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hundreds Demanding Equal Rights For Gurkhas March On Parliament (PHOTOS)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 25, 2012


Hundreds of demonstrators demanding equal citizenship and pensions rights for former Gurkhas have descended on Westminster, amassing outside the Ministry of Defence and the Houses of Parliament.

The protesters – marching peacefully but clearly angry – had expected to meet David Cameron in Downing Street to deliver a petition against what they say is unfair treatment by the UK government. However they allege the PM cancelled the meeting two weeks ago, something which has clearly led to fury among those campaigning for Gurkhas’ rights.

Nabina Gurung, a representative from the newly-formed action group Enough Is Enough, told HuffPost : We were supposed to have a little chit-chat with the prime minister himself, however because of his busy schedule he couldn’t meet us. Read the rest of this entry »

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Legendary Nepalese mountaineer completes Great Himalayan Trail

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 25, 2012

Legendary Nepalese mountaineer Apa Sherpa created yet another mountaineering milestone by traversing the 1,449 km Great Himalaya Trail between Taplejung in the far east Nepal to Darchua in the far-West in 88 days.

Apa, a record 21-time Everest summiteer, and his team traversed the trail from Ghunsa in Taplejung crossing almost 10 of the world’s over 8,000 meters summits. Read the rest of this entry »

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Earth and You: Earth and Climate Reality (Vote for the Photo)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 19, 2012

Searching Livelihood in the High Mountains: Yarsagumba Harvesters in Dolpa, Nepal:
This picture was taken in Majphal VDC of Dolpa. This grassland (Patan) is managed by Toridwari Community Forest Users Group of Majphal VDC, Dolpa, Nepal. It provides several ecosystem services to the local people. They collect many species of medicinal plants from this grassland and graze their herds here. Needless to say, ‘Yarsagumba’ inhabits this grassland, the most expensive biological commodity on Earth, making it the major source of cash income in this area. The recent market price of Yarsagumba in China showed that it is more expensive than Gold
EARTH AND YOU: The time has come for you to vote!May the best photos win! After an intensive round of voting by our judge panel, we’ve shortlisted the photos down to 12 each under the two categories – Hariyo Ban Nepal ko Dhan and Climate Reality. Now, it is YOUR turn to vote. Please note the following: • Entrants’ names have been deliberately omitted. • Please use your better judgment keeping the following criteria in mind – TECHNICAL QUALITY/COMPOSITION; RELEVANCE TO THE THEME/ IMPACT; and ORIGINALITY/CREATIVE COMPOSITION. • The pictures are also available in flickr ( Voting ends on 21 April, 2012. • The winning photographs will be decided from the scores of the online voting (number of ‘likes’ or ‘favorites’ for the photos) and the combined scores of the judges, with 50% weighting from social media scores and 50% from the judges. In the event of a tie, the decision of the judges will be regarded as final and irrevocable. • The winners will be announced on the main event day on April 22, 2012 at Siddhartha Art Gallery, starting 3 pm. All 24 pictures shown here will be displayed in the Gallery for two weeks.
To vote this photo, just go to this link and like
This picture, taken by Uttam Babu Shrestha, is selected as one of the top 24 photos (12 for each theme-category) in the ‘Earth and You’ Photo Competition. Please like and share this photo as many times as you can. He needs your voting. Thanks ! The online voting will end on 21 April, 2012

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Sushanta Khadka gets NASA award

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 16, 2012

KATHMANDU, APR 14 – Sushanta Khadka, a twelfth grader from the Sanga-based Nepal Police High School in Kavre, has won the second place in space settlement contest organised by National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Five months ago, the Nasa announced the contest calling for concept papers for space settlement globally in which Khadka’s Gaganpur, the Sky City bagged the second award in the individual group. This is the first time a Nepali student has won the annual competition co-sponsored by Nasa Ames and for 6-12th graders (11-18-year-olds) from anywhere in the world. Individuals, small teams of two to six, and large teams of seven or more (often whole classrooms with teacher leadership) had participated in the contest. Grades 6-8, 9-10 and 11-12 were judged separately, except for the grand prize.

“I am very happy that my effort has materialised,” said Khadka. “It took me three months to develop space settlement designs and related materials.”

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Petition: British Museum should have clear signage about Buddha’s birthplace

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 16, 2012

To sign the petition please click here

Mr. Neil MacGregor,
Director, British Museum
Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DG

Re: British Museum should have clear signage about Buddha’s birthplace

Dear Mr. MacGregor,

After British Museum notice on its Facebook wall “In light of recent comments about the Buddha’s birthplace, we would like to reassure you that the Museum does not state that the Buddha was born in India. We state that the Buddha was born into a small kingdom that flourished in north-eastern India in about 500 BC. The kingdom covered a reasonably wide area in the northern plains, along with several others of the time. When the Buddha’s mother was expecting, the family decided that she should proceed north to the hills to give birth. This she did, but gave birth along the way, in Lumbini at foot of the Himalayas. The site of Lumbini is in Nepal about 20 miles from the modern border with the Republic of India. If you are aware of an instance where the incorrect information is written or posted please let us know where so we can look into it. You are welcome to leave comments about this subject on the main wall but please note that comments about this subject on unrelated posts will be deleted as they are off topic. Please see further information about commenting in the info tab.” on 4th of November, 2011 there was flood of comments.

“In the spirit of clarity, the British Museum wants to be unambiguous and accurate on this issue – the Buddha was born in Lumbini which is in Nepal. The Museum is always seeking to find the clearest way to put past history into understandable statements in the Museum, on our website and in our online records. Thank you for your feedback. Please be assured this is an important issue to the Museum and has been passed on to our curatorial team to establish where further clarity in the Museum and online may be required.” – this was another notice from British Museum on 7th of November, 2011 on its facebook wall after flood of dissatisfied comments on its notice.  Read the rest of this entry »

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साकार हुँदै द्रुतमार्गको सपना

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 14, 2012

माधव ढुङ्गेल, निजगढ (बारा), वैशाख २ -काठमाडौंबाट एकै घन्टामा बारा! झट्ट सुन्दा अपत्यारिलो यो सपना चाँडै साकार हुँदैछ। मुग्लिङ-नारायणगढ जीर्ण सडक छिचोल्दै १२ घन्टाको पट्यारलाग्दो यात्राबाट मात्र पुग्न सकिने बारा निजगढ एकै घन्टामा सम्भव बनाउने काठमाडौं-तराई (मधेस) दु्रतमार्गको सपना चाँडै विपनामा बदलिने आधार तयार भएको छ। २२ मिटर चौडा चार लेनको सडक बनाउने योजनासहित थालिएको ७६ किमि दूरीको निजगढ छिचोल्ने द्रुतमार्गको ‘ट्र्याक’ खोल्ने काम सकिनै लाग्दा ‘ननस्टप’ गाडीबाट एकै घन्टामा निजगढ पुग्ने सपना पूरा हुन लागेको हो।

पूर्व-पश्चिम राजमार्गको जुन ठाउँमा द्रुतमार्ग जोडिन्छ, नजिकै छ, त्रिभुवन अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय विमानस्थलको विकल्पमा निर्माण गरिने अर्काे अन्तर्राष्ट्रिउ विमानस्थल निर्माणस्थल।

द्रुतमार्गले निर्माणको चर्चामा रहेको अर्काे अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय विमानस्थललाई जोड्दा काठमाडौंमाथिको निर्भरतासमेत घटाउने आशा गरिएको छ।

निजगढबाट करिब ६ किलोमिटर पश्चिम राजमार्गको दक्षिणपट्टि चारकोसे झाडीबीचको टाँगियाबस्ती विमानस्थल निर्माणका लागि प्रस्तावित स्थल हो। हाल डुमरवाना गाविसको ७ नम्बर वडामा पर्ने यहाँका बासिन्दा पुनर्वासको पर्खाइमा छन्। बस्तीको वरिपरि घना जंगल छ। रुख हुर्काउँदै त्यसमुनि खेती गर्ने एसियाकै दुर्लभ ढाँचाको यो बस्तीका टोल नम्बर १ देखि १६ नम्बरसम्मका बासिन्दा बसाइँ सर्ने दिन गनिरहेका छन्। Read the rest of this entry »

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नववर्ष २०६९ को शुभ-कामना

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 12, 2012

By चिन्तन शर्मा 

नववर्ष तिमी विश्वासको दीप जलाइ आऊ ।

चारैतिरवाट शान्तिको झण्डा फहराइ आऊ ।।

धेरै वहाए रगत जनताले यस धर्तिमा

रक्तिम धरामा श्रृजनाको नदी वगाइ आऊ ।।

मातृभूमीको दुर्गति देखेर निराश वनेको

जनमानसमा उत्साहको ज्वाला उठाइ आऊ ।।

धनी र गरीवविच विभेद सुल्झाउने

राहतको नयाँ अवधारणा वनाइ आऊ ।।

हिंसा र आतंकवाट पिडीत वुद्धको देशमा

“वसुधैव कुटुम्वकम्” को सन्देश फैलाइ आऊ ।।

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Personality: Amber Gurung

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 12, 2012

Amber Gurung  is a renowned composersinger and lyricist of Nepali music.

Amber Gurung was born in Darjeeling, where his father, Ujir Singh Gurung, a former soldier in the British Indian Army, was serving as a policeman. His mother encouraged him to sing and compose as a child, and he taught himself to play both Indian and Western instruments. He studied at Turnbull School, Darjeeling, where he had fallen in love with music singing Bible hymns.

In the 1950s, one of his important associations was with the Nepali poet Agam Singh Giri. He became the headmaster of Bhanu Bhakta School founded by Giri and instituted a music school, the Art Academy of Music, in the school’s premises. He recorded his famous song “Nau Lakh Tara” (a song about the sufferings of the Nepali diaspora in India) in the early 1960s, written by Agam Singh Giri. His students at his academy included musicians and singers such as Gopal YonzonKarma YonzonAruna Lama, Sharan Pradhan, Peter Karthak, Indra Gajmer, Jitendra Bardewa and Ranjit Gazmer. He worked as the Music Chief of Folk Entertainment Unit, Government of West Bengal, Darjeeling from 1962 to 1965. Here, he was barred from singing or recording songs outside the unit. He moved to KathmanduNepal in 1969.

Read the rest of this entry »

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UMass Boston PhD Candidate Uttam Shrestha Receives Conservation Trust Grant

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 12, 2012

The Center for Governance and Sustainability is proud to announce that Uttam Shrestha, Research Associate at the Center and PhD candidate in biology at UMass Boston, has been awarded the National Geographic Conservation Trust Grant for his doctoral thesis on caterpillar fungus in the Himalayas.

Mr. Shrestha’s thesis is entitled, “Mountains, Mushrooms, and People: Chasing Interconnections.” He intends to study the connections between humans living at high altitudes in the Himalayas and a particular cash-crop mushroom: caterpillar fungus (Ophiocordyceps sinensis). The fungus is a parasite of the caterpillars of ghost moths (genus Thitarodes), and is well known for its medicinal value. Caterpillar fungus is an enormously valuable produce; it is about half the value of gold by weight, and its annual international trade is estimated between USD $240 million-$4.2 billion per year.

Many high-altitude Himalayans make their living harvesting the fungus. Production has declined in recent years, possibly due to over-harvesting, climate change, or reduction in the population of host moths. Mr. Shrestha’s thesis will document the natural history and phenology of the fungus, model and map its distribution, quantify its biological productivity and commercial harvest, and examine the contribution of the fungus to local and national economies. Read the rest of this entry »

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