Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal for sale in Package

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 24, 2011

Beginning 1950s, Nepal as a nation-state is being run in package. Several insulting gifts in the form of unequal treaties and agreements, understanding, and joint communiqué have been pouring in since those horrifying old days from the newly born Republic of India, 1947.

The fresh and the most abhorrently insulting one, late Girija Prasad Koirala (Rest in peace) brought in from New Delhi a sort of 12 point agreement in “package” which has been taking its heavy toll. Late Koirala invited the Indian regime in Nepal in package since then. His 12 point colleagues, thanks, have kept the tradition kicking and alive. Nepalese obedience.
In the same way, on May 28, 2008, Nepal was turned into a secular state in a package. While opening this package, the most erratic Indian envoy ever posted to Nepal, Rakesh Sood, was seated at the CA hall balcony midnight of the same day. He was excited. The excitement must have been in a package.
India believes in extending its support to Nepal in “packages”. Ambassador Sood entered Nepal Prime Minister’s official secretariat in a sandal and later was greeted by some Solu enthusiasts also in package which tentatively contained few torn shoes. Very freshly, the Indian BATA shoe company has entered into Nepal with a determined Nepal loot package. Surely, China will compete with this shoe company also in package.
Nepali leaders too have been working and not working both in packages. Yet they do not forget to pocket their monthly salaries in “package”. The other national loot not mentioned.
Nepal’s CA members were found in selling their diplomatic passports in “packages”. Some are at large in package. Nepal police is hunting the ‘honorable’ abusers in package. The amount they may have received in turn must also have been in a voluminous package.
Add to this the Sudan APC corruption package.
Nepal embraced CA election in a package whose result went in a “package” in favor of the Maoists and that irritated the New Delhi regime in a package. The irritation still continues. Since then the Delhi management is thinking on how to drown the entire Nepal Maoists in a running river in a package.  The ultimate design is to erase Nepal from the world map in a package. Time permitting. Local BAHADURS have assured their Delhi masters.
By the way, the Maoists were accorded a red carpet welcome by the Indian regime which was also in Shyam Saran package.
The pattern of following this brilliant system, that it has now been established at least in Nepal, ultimately sidelined the Nepal Monarch(y) in a package and the King quietly left his ancestral abode and headed straight towards the nearby Nagarjun Jungles in package.
The system has become so much popular in Nepal that the already defunct Constituent Assembly body has been extended several times but through an illegal made legal package. Soon a package is to follow for its extension within a matter of days. Six months extension package is being discussed among the political leaders.
Nepali leaders laugh, sleep, and even dream serving foreigners in package. The foreigners reciprocate by insulting the Nepali sinking horses also in packages. The insulting process is talked to be in progress. Several insulting packages from across the globe remain in the pipeline.
Chairman Dahal is tired, as he himself claims and his exhaustion must be in a package. Let us hope so. The presumed to be the rightist Nepali Congress and the UML parties prefer to corner the Maoists in a package but only to those who were in the radical Left package inside the party of the ex-rebels. The declared hardliners of the Maoists party understand this foul play and thus they too wish to push to the wall all those in a package.
Talking of Nepal President, he too has begun to follow the Nepali traditions now. How can he ignore the rule? He granted some seven days period for the parties in package to form a national unity government in consensus. However, the parties failed to act and thus appealed the President in a package to grant them some more three days as grace period and the modest President accepted their appeal in package which expired today evening, August 24, 2011. He will make yet another package wherein he will definitely insert the majority element for the fighting parties in package.
Disturbed by the overpowering say of the Indian establishment pouring in heavy packages since the fall of Nepal Monarchy, the dragon friend in the North too has beamingly entered Nepal with a loaded package and tentatively claims that this package will increase in numbers time permitting.
To boot, the Indian Ambassador designate, Jayant Prasad, has already announced that he will land in Nepal, August 25, 2011, only with a friendly fear-provoking Indian package for this country now running under the mercy of the Indian packages.
The Lumbini project received an APEC support package whose protest from some interested quarters also continued in package. The protestors of this project must have been awarded a sizeable package fitting to their respective pockets, large and small both.
All in all, both India and China will face each other in Kathmandu with their respective packages.
It would have been nice had these foreign packages approached the right projects and the poor section of the Nepali society.
The package phenomenon. This is just the beginning of the beginning.
But why not to sale mother Nepal in a package? Think it dear 12 point leaders!



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