Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha


Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on May 12, 2011



Gorkhaland movement is not about party politics. It is a revolution with one objective – the achievement of the state of Gorkhaland. The hill leaders can learn from the people revolutions in the Middle East and North African countries. These revolutions are not about playing party politics, it is about aiming to achieving one goal – freeing the country from the hands of the terrible dictators. What happens after that will be up to the people. Not all countries have succeeded nor all the movements will succeed but they have shown the power of people and power of unity. We have a lot to learn from them.

All the political parties in the hills have lost their credibility as  far as the demand for Gorkhaland is concerned. They had their moments but people have been let down time and time again. Hope has turned into despair. Needless to say ordinary citizens are suffering endlessly. The formation of yet another political party is not the answer. Gorkhaland is not going to be achieved through the ballot boxes as we do not have the numbers to make a significant or desirable impact. Party politics has divided people and the external sources are at work to divide the hills even further. The current hill leaders have helped the division amongst hill people even further by being succumbed to the “divide and rule” methodology used successfully time and time again by the powers above. The colour in the West Bengal Assembly Government will not make any difference to the despair and difficulties faced by the hill people – “jun jogi ayo kanai chireko” is applicable in this case. Essentially, the only people who can make the difference are the hill people and the strong unity amongst us.

Mission Gorkhaland needs a totally independent leader who can unite people and channel their energy, enthusiasm and inspiration in the right direction. Gorkhaland movement does not lack enthusiastic followers and well wishers. The only element seriously lacking is a leader who:

– can unite people from all backgrounds and political persuasions;

– will not seek an office, fame and fortune;

– is not affiliated to any political party;

– can stand the hurricane of political and personal onslaught from all directions;

– is a negotiator, analytical and pro-active thinker;

– will not deviate from the objective no matter what;

– will not be coerced into submission from the powers above;

– will lead the people until the mission Gorkhaland is accomplished.

The big question is – is there such a person in existence?


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