Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Let’s Support the Recent Democratic and Anti-Imperialist Movements of the Arab and the Muslim World, including Egypt

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on February 9, 2011

[This article was received through email and is posted here without any alteration]

The world is now aware of the recent democratic and anti-Imperialist movements of the Arab and the Muslim World, including the one in Egypt. We take these uprisings as revolts of the oppressed regions, nations, and classes against their domestic and international oppressors. Take the example of Egypt. Despite annual support of about 1.3 billion USD (about 50% or more of the annual budget of the country) since 1982 or so, more than 50 percent of population is reported to be living in absolute poverty. Meanwhile, Egypt has one of the highest numbers of the world class rich families. Where did the aid go? To the weapons and to the pockets of the rich. What the weapons for? To suppress the opposition of the people and countries those are against imperialist and regional sub-imperialist domination. Why so much aid and support to the dictator by the imperialist powers? To guarantee the continuity of extraction of the natural resources from the region, such as petroleum (Egypt supplies 45 % of the total petroleum coming to the United States through the Suez Canal) and the exploitation of cheap labour.

The Obama administration and other imperialist world leaders are now putting up the appearance of partially supporting the democratic grievances of the people in Egypt.  However, did these leaders not know for 30 years that Mubarak was a dictator and that the people there were living in absolute poverty? Why so much worries and flip floppings in them about the people revolt now? The ugly faces of dictatorship and poverty were known to the rest of the world—not just when state agents rode horses and camels over the peaceful demonstrators in Tahrir Square!, but why the continued support for a brutal and obsolete regime?  Just for meeting the luxurious wants of the rich in the imperialist countries and their lackeys in Egypt. Each congress calculates how much investment and how much returns annually monopoly capital is able to extract from Egypt. They, as a class, make the investments consciously for profits –no matter what be the source of the profit.  Do the Americans at large enjoy that privilege or the returns?  Not necessarily.  The oppressed nations, migrant workers, and poor working class in the United States and other imperialist countries are also living a life of absolute poverty. Take time to examine the statistics. So why, after a series of failed attempts to keep the old regime, are the imperialists dumping the Mubarak regime?  Because Mubarak has become a liability, no longer able to guarantee the privileges (resource extractions and safe bases for regional control) to his imperialist allies.

So, how to end such dictatorships of the elite over the people? We must reverse the order: the people must rule over the profit-hungry, ill-intentioned inhumane elite. We need to gradually uproot the profit motivated, elite friendly political and economic structures.  You people in Egypt know this; that is why you have stood up against them.  Even though the path of truth and justice is a spiral, the power equation counts.  We may encounter several ups and downs depending on how smart we are in identifying our friends and foes, uniting our friends and isolating our enemies, but we will win as we are larger in number and we stand truth and justice.  All we need is to be tactful, honest, optimistic and strong.  You know better than all outsiders do; this note is just for alerting you based on experiences and the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideology.

All those who advocate peoples’ democracy do support the movement of the people for freedom and justice. So all advocates of peoples’ democracy, let’s shoulder and alert the people in those countries, including Egypt. Let’s suggest them to be skeptical about the imperialists’ (and their local puppets’) limited support for the popular movement.  They mainly favor the continuity of the old powers in new forms.  We should not recommend to them to compromise prematurely without a dependable basis for transition in political, constitutional, economic and military structures. We do ask them to form a broad popular support base consisting of democrats, human rights groups and most national elements in the leadership of the most oppressed and/or majority working populace. It is a matter of common sense that the people must militarize themselves to combat with the militarized enemies. In addition, we urge you great warriors to do some homework to work out and publicize what broadly acceptable minimum transitional political, military and economic structures and policies would immediately replace the old regime.  Do also evaluate how far the principles of new democratic revolution put forth by Mao would fit to your situation because this principle is widely considered to be appropriate to the less industrialized countries that seek political-economic independence, sustainability, equity and growth.

Your democratic movement and anti-imperialist stance will not only help yourself but will also contribute to creating a world with new order.  All those who love justice and freedom worldwide are with you. With warm salute to the martyrs, we trust that you would adequately honor their dreams. Truth wins and justice rains when we are tactful, honest, and strong!

-Mukti Nepal and friends, February 08, 2011



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