Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepalese people celebrated Moon Festival in Taipei, Taiwan

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 27, 2010


Dr. Hari K. Shrestha*

Taipei, Taiwan, September 23, 2010. The Moon Festival is one of the important festivals in the Chinese calendar.Therefore, Taiwanese people have been celebrating it for many years. It is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival because it falls right in the middle of autumn when the moon at its full glory. The Taiwan government provides public holiday each year to celebrate this festival. Yesterday was the public Moon Festival holiday in Taiwan. The full moon is considered as a symbol of happiness and it is a time for the reunion of families and catch up with some old memories. The major feasts of this festival are moon cake, barbecue foods, pomelos and other foods items including drinks. As this festival falls on a full moon day, the moon cakes is also made in the round shape of the full moon to represent the joyful reunion, imply the wonderful wishes of the future and prey for the ancestors.

Nepalese people living in different parts of Taiwan also celebrated the Moon Festival (first time) with different activities at Sansia hill, Taipei, Taiwan on September 22, 2010. This program was organized by the Sherpa Lhomo Samaj, Taipei, Taiwan and coordinated by Sonam Sherpa. In addition, Karshang Lama has also played an important role in managing things properly. Karma has made a joke that as this is one of the lovely hills for Nepalese people in Taiwan, why not to give it a name of “Nagarkot hill” (one of the famous and lovely hills in Nepal). All together there were 47 Participants.

Different kinds of feasts were prepared by the participants turn by turn; however, a major role was played by the women participants. They started their activities at 12:30pm and closed at 7:00pm after observing the moon. These romantic people used to spend the festival by cooking and eating different kinds of delicious foods, singing songs and dancing with Nepalese music. During the program, a special Nepalese feast was also prepared by Mr. Karsang Lama at his home and served the participants. Ultimately, they utilized the time very joyfully.

It shows that Nepalese people in Taiwan not only celebrate their own festivals but also adopt and celebrate Taiwanese cultures and festivals. For another instance, they organized a cultural program together with Taiwanese people at the Swimming pool of Sansia, Taiwan on August 1, 2010. All the participants have extended their vote of thanks to Sonam Sherpa for leading the program; Karsang Lama for preparing Nepalese food and other managerial work, and women and other participants for helping to prepare foods, dancing and Karma for managing music in the spot.

This festival has really reunited many Nepalese people. Some participants were there after a decade. In addition, some new faces were also observed in the program. The participants also shared their wishes as well as discussed their problems, common goals and achievements in the meeting. Hope, this festival will provide them an extra energy to strengthen a co-operation and unity among Nepalese people in Taiwan.

Moreover, participants were also very anxious about the existing political system of Nepal. Hope, all the political parties would have a will and collective working power for the welfare of Nepal and Nepalese people. They shouldn’t be a poppet of any country to ruin the political system and socio-economic condition of Nepal.  Lastly, Nepalese people from Taiwan would also like to request them to protect our boarder; natural heritage, and historical places, such as the birth place of Buddha, Kapilvastu, Nepal.

* Dr. Shrestha is a General Secretary of NRNA-NCC, Taipei, Taiwan, and an executive board member (coordinator of Taiwan chapter) of the Kapilvastu Day Movement Global Committee.


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