Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Indian SSB terror continues, Nepal nationals in Rauthat border area shiver

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 20, 2010

Telegraph Nepal

This is the story of a poor Nepali family living along the open border with India. There is no hero as such in thenarrative and the end is not obviously a happy one.

But, the villain, as usual, is India’s paramilitary force called the SSB (Sashastra Seema Bal) that has been provided with the duty to make the open border safe for public by the friendly(?) neighboring government in the South.

Ram Ekbal Rai Yadav alias Mukul-a small shop owner and a father of six children had died some months back.

Poor Yadav could not resist the merciless thrashing that he had “awarded” by the SSB men and he counted his last breath some months back.

The local Indian administration however, refused to take the responsibility.


Mukul and his family members from the Sarmajuwa VDC-1 of Rautahat district survived on trading of food items between the two countries.

He would buy little quantity of Sugar, Match Boxes, chewing tobacco and other minor consumer items from the neighboring Indian town and sell it in the Nepali market. This is how the family survived.

After his untimely death, the local population had closed the border and pressed the local administration to provide relief to the victims. The local administration succumbing to local pressure wrote a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs to provide some financial support to the family. But, as is the usual practice, the Home administration in Kathmandu did not budge an inch.

Subservient ministry.

Late Mukul’s wife and mother (73) have been begging in the village to feed their five children.

Poverty stricken family has freshly lost one of its members, Raja babu (1 year old baby) because the family could not feed this one year babe.

While this is the case with the Nepali citizens residing in the open border area, the caretaker Nepal government is making tall claims being in Kathmandu. It should be a matter of shame to the election defeated Nepal PM in that the latter too belongs to the same district.

India too must understand that providing some money to some preferred villages in the bordering areas and awarding free education scholarship to some Nepalese citizens will not work unless India halts its actions that make bordering Nepalese nationals to shed tears as the Yadav family have had to embrace.

Making Nepalese to shed tears could not be a fitting match to the free educational scholarship scheme.

Indian SSB posted along the open border must be tamed by the Indian government or else, sooner than later, the Nepalese citizens in the bordering areas will begin cursing the Indian regime.

So far, none of the Nepalese political parties have uttered a single word against the continuing SSB terror in the bordering areas.

This is loaded with shame!


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