Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

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सिड्नीमा बुद्ध जयन्ती – नक्कली कपिलबस्तुको ब्यापक बिरोध

Posted by completenepal on May 30, 2010

सानु घिमिरे, सिड्नी । २५५४ औं बुद्धजयन्ती सिड्नीमा भब्यताका साथ मनाइयो । गत शनिबार बुद्ध तदर्थ समिती सिड्नी आयोजनामा संपन्न भएको कार्यक्रममा गौतम बुद्धको उपदेश, प्रेम, अंहिसा, करुणा र शांतीको बारेमा ब्यापक चर्चा भयो ।

बिपस्यना ध्यानबाट शुभारम्भ गरिएको कार्यक्रममा डा. नाबांग साम्प्तेन र हिसी न्याम्न्गेलले पबित्र बुद्ध मंत्रोच्चारण गर्नु भएको थियो ।

कार्यक्रमका प्रमुख अतिथि न्यू साउथ वेल्स, ऑस्ट्रेलियाका लागी नेपाली महाबाणिज्यदूत महामहिम दीपक खड्काले आजको अशांत समयमा बुद्धको सन्देशलाई ब्यबहारमा लागू गर्न सके मात्र शांतीको अपेक्षा गर्न सकिने बताउनु भयो । उहाँले बुद्ध  जन्मेको देशमा जन्मेको नागरिक भनेर मात्र होइन बुद्धको सन्देशहरु ब्यबहारमा उतार्ने नागरिक भएर बिश्व समुदाय माझ चिनिनका लागि सबैलाई आव्हान गर्नु भयो । साथै उहाँले भारतले दक्षिण भारतमा बनाउदै गरेको नक्कली कपिलबस्तुलाई बुद्धको नाममा भारतले गरेको ब्यापारको संज्ञा दिदै त्यसलाई रोक्नको लागि अनुरोध गर्नु भयो । Read the rest of this entry »


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NEFIN Submitted Letter to the Ambassador of India

Posted by completenepal on May 30, 2010

Your Excellency the Ambassador of India

Embassy of India

Lazimpath, Kathmandu


Your Excellency,

The India medias in recent years are vigorously and intentionally campaigning to dispute the Buddha’s original birth place Lumbini, Rupendehi District Nepal and the Nepal Federation of the Indigenous Nationalities, together with 275,00,000 Nepalese living in Nepal and abroad, all peace loving citizen of the world and all the Buddhist followers and scholars strongly condemn such unethical activities of Indian medias.

All the scholars, anthropologists, researches, intellectuals and the International religious institutions of the world including India or to be precise, NO ONE ON THIS EARTH   have never disputed the birth place of universal ambassador of the peace,  great human and the great, great and great citizen of Nepal BUDHHA, which is in fact we all know is in LUMBINI, REUPENDEHI DISTRICT OF NEPAL.  Why are the India medias continuously campaigning to dispute Buddha’s original birth place which is Lumbini, Rupendehi District of Nepal ??????????????????????????? Read the rest of this entry »

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Kapilvastu Day Movement Poster

Posted by completenepal on May 25, 2010

This poster is designed by Mr. Sanjeev Shrestha. He designed the Kapilvastu Day Movement logo as well.

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Pakistani’s Rally in support of Nepali Peoples’ Movement

Posted by completenepal on May 24, 2010

Very interesting.  Pakistan Worker Peasant Party members and supporters rally in the heart of Pakista’s Northwest Frontier Province in support of peoples’ in Nepal. In the rally we can see banner warning India to stop aggression in Nepal.

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Greater Nepal not against India but Indian colonialism: Phanindra Nepal

Posted by completenepal on May 23, 2010

Chairman of the Unified Nepal National Front (UNNF), Nepal is General Secretary of the Border Concern Civil Committee.
Excerpts of an interview by BN Dahal to Phanindra Nepal;
Q: You obstructed the road leading to Indian Embassy on 2 December. What is the significance of 2 December?
A: Britain had sent the proposal of Sugauli Treaty on 2 December, 1815. It mentioned ceding 40% of former Greater Nepal territory. Nepal under pressure had to sign the treaty on 4 March, 1816. Sugauli Treaty of 2 December is the reason behind the current geo-poltical reality of the nation. This is why we mark 2nd December as a ‘Black Day’ annually. This programme is a certain every year. It will continue until India returns our territory.
Q: There are allegations that the programmes you have launched are anti-Indian?
A: Our programmes of Greater Nepal are not against India. We have opposed the Nepali border encroachment by India. We have not opposed India. They neglected our appeals to stop encroachment, so we lunched the programmes. The territories that we have demanded do not belong to India. But when we raised the issues of Nepal’s nationality, sovereignty and its territories, India perceives such programmes as against it. We are not against India, we want to be its good friend. If it stops encroaching Nepali land and stops making Nepali people suffer, we would not go against India unreasonably. Read the rest of this entry »

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Himalayan Darpan

Posted by completenepal on May 21, 2010

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Gorkha Leader Madan Tamang Killed

Posted by completenepal on May 21, 2010

Darjeeling, May 21, 2010 (11:00 AM): In what came as a total shock and surprise to all in Darjeeling and to the nation, the All India Gorkha League (AIGL) President, Madan Tamang was mortally attacked, this morning by unknown persons wielding sharp weapons and Khukuris.

As Madan Tamang and his colleagues were getting ready to speak at the open air Clubside meeting, just below Chowrasta in front of Keventers, a shower of stones (brick-bats) were thrown at the meeting from behind the audience. In the ensuing confusion, a group of unknown men with Khukuris and other sharp weapons rushed to the dais area and struck Madan Tamang, among others.

In the ensuing clash a number of bystanders and people in transit were also injured. Most of the injured received wounds from sharp weapons including Khukuris, the traditional Gorkha weapon. Read the rest of this entry »

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We could regain GREATER NEPAL

Posted by completenepal on May 20, 2010

Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Border specialist of Nepal says …

We could regain Greater Nepal

Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, a former director general of the Department of Survey, is probably the most distinguished survey research scholar of Nepal’s international boundaries. He has been working in the field of surveying and mapping for the last 41 years. Shrestha has authored several books on the Nepal-India border demarcation and management. He was trained and educated in surveying and land-use mapping in India, Canada, Germany and Japan.
Shrestha, who was awarded the coveted Madan Prize 2057 for his book Boundary of Nepal, spoke to Kamal Raj Sigdel of The Kathmandu Post on the current Indo-Nepal border dispute. He says India has encroached on almost 60,000 hectares of Nepali territory over the last 72 years. Excerpts:
Q: You have been a vocal critic of Indian encroachment on Nepali territory for a long time. What actually is the Read the rest of this entry »

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सीमाको नयाँ नक्शांकनका कुरा अपत्यारिलो बन्न पुगेको छ

Posted by completenepal on May 20, 2010

बुद्धिनारायण श्रेष्ठ, सिमाविद

*सुस्तामा पुगेर आउनु भयो, त्यहाको पछिल्लो स्थितिका बारेमा बताइदिनुहोस्न ?
सुस्ताको स्थिति बुझ्न यसअघि पनि सीमाविद्हरुको टोली गएको थियो । यसअघिका भ्रमणमा जे देखिएका थिए पछिल्लोपटक गएको बेलामा पनि त्यही देखियो- भारतले सुस्तामा अतिक्रमण गर्न छोडेको छैन । अतिक्रमण झन् झन् तीब्र पारेको पाइयो ।
त्यहाँको अहिलेको वस्तुस्थिति कस्तो छ ?
पहिलो र मुख्य कुरा त सीमा मिचिने क्रम रोकिएको छैन । नेपालीले लगाएको उखु फा”डेर आगो लगाइदिएका छन् । नेपाली भूमिमा आएर भारतीयले कुटपिट तथा यातना दिएका छन् । भारतीय सीमा सुरक्षा बल -एसएसबी) र भारतीय जनता पार्टर्ीीवहारको स्थानीय नेताको आडमा नेपालीलाई कुटपिट गरेको पाइयो । गोपाल गुरुङ, रोज मिया, आगम खाक, लैला बेगम लगायतका व्यक्तिलाई उनीहरुले कुटपिटको तारो बनाएको पाइयो । उनीहरुले विभिन्न किसिमको आरोप लगाइएको बताएका छन् । त्यस्तै उनीहरुले भारतीयहरुले आफूहरुलाई फकाएर सुस्ताको जमिन भारतको हो भन्न लगाएको पनि बताएका छन् । यो जमिनको भारतको भनेमा भारतीय नागरिकता, सुविधा सबै दिन्छौं भनेर लोभ देखाउने काम समेत भएको उनीहरुले बताए । तर, उनीहरु हामी नेपाली हौं र नेपाली राष्ट्रियताको लागि आफूहरुले संर्घष्ा गरिरहेको बताउँछन् ।
सुस्तामा संर्घष्ा गरिरहेका र भारतीय पक्षको निसाना बनिरहेका व्यक्तिहरु सुस्ता अतिक्रमण रोक्न सरकारलाई अुनरोध गरेका छन् । सिंहदरबारको पश्चिम ढोकादेखि जिल्ला प्रशासनसंग गुहार माग्दा पनि सुस्ता बचाउनेतर्फचासो नभएको उनीहरुको गुनासो छ । पछिल्लो पटक स्वास्थ्यमन्त्री गिरिराजमणी पोखरेले सुस्तामा पुग्दा पनि उनीहरुले त्यही कुरा दहोर्‍याएका थिए । Read the rest of this entry »

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Kapilvastu Day Movement Poster Taiwan

Posted by completenepal on May 19, 2010

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Kapilvastu: Peace Vs Problem?

Posted by completenepal on May 18, 2010

By Devika Poudel, USA

I have been here in USA for 5 years working as photographer and during my stay in this country I have seen lots of Buddhists from all around the world most of the days. During my communication with them I realized that even the Buddhists do not know the real birthplace of Gautam Buddha and it gave me unexpected surprise. When I was in Nepal I had thinking that Nepal is famous in the world because of Gautam Buddha and Mt. Everest. But from my experience here in USA, I am forced to remember Bhupi Sherchan’s poem. This is so sinful to us.

One day I met 75 years old lady. She came to make some photo prints in my work palace. Her nationality was Vietnamese but she has been to America for long time. From her photos I could guess that she was Buddhist and, therefore, asked her whether she was Buddhist. After her positive answer I asked whether she knows the birthplace of Buddha. Her answer was ‘India’. I told her that the birthplace of Buddha was not India, but Read the rest of this entry »

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राष्ट्रियतासम्बन्धी नयाँ समस्या र कपिलबस्तु दिवस अभियान

Posted by completenepal on May 16, 2010

By रामकुमार श्रेष्ठ

सामान्य भाषामा भन्नु पर्दा राष्ट्रियताको प्रश्न भन्नाले कुनै पनि देशको स्वाभिमानसंग प्रत्यक्ष सरोकार राख्ने प्रश्न बुझिन्छ । अत: कुनै देशको  राष्ट्रियताको समस्या भन्ने बित्तिकै उक्त देशको स्वाभिमानमा आँच आउने किसिमले अर्को पक्षद्धारा गरिने कुनै पनि किसिमको गतिबिधिलाई बुझिनु पर्ने हुन्छ  । वारंवार सीमा अतिक्रमणका घटनाहरु भएका छन; सीमा क्षेत्रमा वलात्कार लगायतका अनगिन्ति आमानवीय घटनाहरु भएका छन; वारंवार हतियार सहित भारतीय प्रहरीहरु नेपाल छिरेका छन; बिना अनुमति भारतीय लडाकु विमान नेपाली भूभागमा उडेका छन; भारतीय सेनापतिले नेपाली शान्ति प्रकृयामा अवरोध पुग्ने किसिमका गंभीर आपत्तिजनक कुरा उठाएका छन; अमेरिकाबाट प्रकाशित हुने न्यूजवीक साप्ताहिकका सम्पादक, अन्तराष्ट्रिय गतिविधिका नियमित लेखक तथा अमेरिकी टेलिभिजन च्यानल सीएनएनका संचालक फरिद जकरियाले आफ्नो पछिल्लो पुस्तक अमेरिका पछिको विश्व  (The Post American World) को १५४ पृष्ठको अन्तिम प्याराग्राफमा “बुद्ध भारतीय थिए र बुद्धिज्म भारतमा पत्ता लगाइएको थियो” भनी उल्लेख गरेका छन र हालसालै भारतले सगरमाथा पनि भारतमा नै पर्छ भन्ने अभियान शुरु गर्न थालेको देखिन्छ, भारतले  करोडौं रुपयाँ खर्च गरेर नक्कली कपिलबस्तु २०१२ मा सकाउने गरी अधिकांश कार्य सकाउन लागिसक्यो, गुगलमा बुद्धको जन्मस्थल खोज्दा भारत देखाउँथ्यो, PBS [1] जस्तो ठूलो कंपनीले “The Buddha” भिडिओ सार्वजनिक गर्‍यो बुद्धलाई उही भारतीय परिचय दिंदै, संसारका थुप्रै देशहरुमा पढाईने पाठ्य पुस्तकहरुमा बुद्ध भारतमा जन्मेको भन्ने कुराको उल्लेख गरेको पाईन्छ । सामान्य अवस्थामा कुनै पनि सरकारको सबभन्दा प्रमुख दायित्वहरु भनेकै राष्ट्रिय स्वाधिनताको रक्षा, शान्ति सुरक्षाको सुनिस्चितता र जनताका नैसर्गिक आवश्यकताहरुको परिपूर्ति गर्नु हो । अत: सरकार आँफै यस्ता संबेदनशील बिषयहरुमा बोल्न र आबस्यक कार्यबाही अगाडि बढाउनु पर्नेमा जन दबाब, संचारकर्मी र कलमकर्मीहरुको दबाबका बाबजूद पनि सरकारी पूर्ण मौनता अत्यन्तै आस्चर्यको कुरा हो । यस्ता कुरामा सरकार आँफै अग्रसर हुँदा समस्या समाधानका संभाबना जति सहज हुन्छ त्यत्ति सहज अरुले गर्दा हुन सक्तैन । र पनि नेपाली जनता आ-आफ्नै किसिमले आफ्नो राष्ट्रियताको संरक्षणको लागि जतिसुकै समस्या सामना गर्न परे पनि संघर्षरत देखिन्छन । उपर्युक्त संपूर्ण घटनाहरुले नेपालको राष्ट्रियताको अवस्था स्पस्ट गर्छ । Read the rest of this entry »

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Kapilvastu Day Movement Poster

Posted by completenepal on May 15, 2010

This poster is designed by Laxman Puri – one of the Kapilvastu Day Movement Global Committee Members.

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Kapilvastu Day Movement Global Committee Formed

Posted by completenepal on May 14, 2010

As part of the World Peace Movement, Nepalese people living in different parts of the world last year decided to commemorate Lumbini and Kapilavastu, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, by observing Kapilvastu Day as a global holiday in order to spread the Buddha’s peace and nonviolence messages all over the world. The Buddha is revered as a Messenger of Peace. He is also known as the Light of Asia who is actually the Light of the world as his message of peace and nonviolence has become more relevant as the world is facing the problems of violence today. The world today has become more violent than ever before. Therefore, we have decided to spread the messages of the Buddha all over the world by observing Kapilvastu Day every year.

Originally, on December 1, 1896, Dr Anton Führer, a German archaeologist, had discovered the Buddha’s birthplace when he found the Asoka Pillar at Lumbini.  Even though this site was first discovered by Khadga Shamsher Rana before Führer had reached the site but Führer is credited for this discovery as he brought it into light and made it known to the international community. Read the rest of this entry »

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Greater Nepal is not impossible!

Posted by completenepal on May 6, 2010

Phanindra Nepal, Lecturer Patan Multiple Campus

He is at the moment a Lecturer at the Patan Multiple Campus in Lalitpur, Nepal.

He is considered to be a reservoir of knowledge and a commanding authority as regards the “Greater Nepal” theory to which he prefers to call a Movement.

Mr. Phanindra Nepal is working as a secretary to the Border Concern Civil Forum. Mr. Nepal is concurrently the chairman of “Unified Nepal National Front” as well.

He has several books to his credit and many thought provoking articles which have been published in several national and international newspapers.

He is also the author of books entitled “The ABC of Greater Nepal” and “Nepal-Tista to Sutlej”. He has also edited a book on “The reality of Indian encroachment in Susta”.

Last week, we met this nationalist at a seminar and approached for an interview to which he readily agreed-Below the results-ed. Read the rest of this entry »

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