Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha

Nepal – the country of Mt. Everest and Buddha


Posted by completenepal on April 26, 2010

By: Manoj Pandit


Who wants their land being encroached by neighbours? Then why aren’t we raising our voice for the national territories which has been encroached by our big neighbour India in more than 60 places and more than 600 sq km.?
We all have just encountered the news of kapilvastu where the dehumanization being promoted by the infilitrate vigilantes across the border, whereas such event being already reviewed in Gaur massacare and Terai riots, it can happen in another places anytime.

Due to lack of secure border concept, our national territories have been constantly encroached physically and psychologically by neighbour, so this appeal goes to all the responsible citizens and especially youth to be conscious about our Border. We must pressurize our government to regulate and manage indo-nepal border. In addition to this message, a very important thought provoking documentary has been made called “GREATER NEPAL-in quest of boundary”. As the name suggest this documentary has showcased the border issue from the history to the current unmanaged border.

The first part of the documentary reveals the boundary during the unification process as we have read in the poem “Paschim Killa Kanagda Purba Ma Tista Pugethyiu, kun Sakto ko Samuma Kahile Hami Jhukethyiu”. The filmmaker has visually traveled fromTista in the east to kanagda in the west (now in India) whereas also visually presented the Nalapani (where Balbhadra kunwar fought) and Malaun(where Bhakti Thapa died). The part finally review the Sugauli treaty of 1815 A.D with
East India company due to which Nepal lost more than 1/3 territories to the British government.

The second part of the documentary shows how our neighbour India is encroaching our territories and on this context how are we responsible too? The filmmaker has traveled from Pashupatinagar in the east to Kalapani in the west and on the course the issue of Mechi river and Susta encroachment has also been presented.

The documentary reflects the clear message “Lets not forget our history and lets save our current Nepal whose sovereignity is in danger”

Due to lack of nationalism in us our nation has reached to such critical stage, if we the sensible youth won’t be responsible enough to motivate people to think seriously about national interest then
sorry to say we can’t give sovereign, peaceful, beautiful and developed Nepal to our coming generation.

Source: Facebook (The Greater Nepal)



  1. Sushant Dahal said

    Not going to allow Indians to take what belongs to us.

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